Thursday, 12 June 2014

Tabasco cheese snacks remind me of childhood illnesses.

I snuck these Tabasco snacks into the trolley when I spotted them on a recent trip to Waitrose. I had assumed they would be sort of cheesy biscuits with a hint of Tabasco. I was wrong, after I'd battled the packaging for an embarrassingly long period of time these odd little things are in fact cheese portions. Not very interesting cheese either.

The cheese is kinda soft and slightly chewy like it has been left in the sun, even although I ate it right out of the fridge. At first I couldn't get any hint of heat from the Tabasco, but just as I was about to abandon the snack entirely (and was about to give the rest to my daughter, who is less picky than I am) when the burn caught up with me.  I say 'caught up', but in reality the heat bypassed my tongue entirety and went straight to my tonsils. I have had a chilli hit this unrewarding since the first time I tried to make chilli sauce. The only sensation I can liken it to is that irritable throaty feeling one gets after a night of vomiting. 

I know taste is subjective, but I just can't figure out what the wizrads at Tabasco were aiming for when then conjured up these pepper cheese snacks. 

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