Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Chilli Drops - BollyGood

The fact that the bottle is half-empty after two doses should give you an idea of how we feel about this hot sauce straight off the bat.  A quick quint at the label tells the tale of a sauce trying to be a bit like a cheerful evening at your local curry house.  We approve, we've had a go at making a sauce like this ourselves (see our 'Profanity Hot Sauce' recipe) but found that echoing the spices that one might put in a home-cooked curry a bit too overpowering.  Overall we like sauces to compliment food, not dominate it.

The coriander, garlic and turmeric in this 'BollyGood' sauce would be core ingredients in something like jalfrezi, but the lack of cumin dials back the crazy to a level that hits the notes that curry-influenced sauces so often miss.

The initial taste is very recognisable as the pleasant lingering trace-tastes you get maybe half an hour after finishing a really nicely done curry(ish) dish.  The heat is there, but quite gently, this is a sauce that is all about the taste.  Some of the heat comes from added mustard, but it has been added in low enough amounts (we're guessing) so as not to overly influence the taste.  To taste the polar-opposite of the BollyGood mild-mustard hit you might like to try something like the 'Rectum Ripper' sauce we featured a few weeks ago.

As with a lot of our sauce tests we first tried the Chilli Drops 'BollyGood' sauce on a decent cheddar and Carrs plain crackers, and like with all the sauces we try (and love) we were keen to try it on something a little more demanding.  Last night we slathered a veg and rice stir-fry in BollyGood and it worked really well, we would have also added some of the Chilli Drops 'Smoky Naga' but we've nearly run out of that just a few days after cracking it open!

Back when we started 'Hot Sauce UK' we were of the opinion that at least 75% of the hot sauce available in the UK was tomato-based, it's chuffin' brilliant to review sauces like BollyWood that prove that tomatoes are not the only fruit that matters when it comes to making delicious sauces.

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P.S The label says 'shake me drop me do me!' - no idea what that's all about.

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