Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Chilango 100% Habanero Chillis Chilli Sauce

Chilango have won awards for making the best burritos in London, and you know what?  They deserve them.  In other posts on this blog I've ranted about English restaurants making American and Mexican food as if someone had described the dish to the chef over the phone at three in the morning (when the chef didn't have a notepad to hand).

The absolute worst burrito I ever had in the UK was one served to me in an expensive Mexican restaurant in Bath; apart from the fact it was smaller than a Sparrow's sock it was served in the middle of a puddle of gravy.  Oh my.  I assume two pages of their recipe book had got stuck together, resulting in a heinous burrito / shepherd's pie abomination.

Chilango Burritos - worth the hype?

Well I could make this a really short review and simply say YES, but then that wouldn't be very entertaining would it?  The burritos are the size of a child's head, full of fantastic fresh and tasty ingredients are warm, zingy and just about the most perfect burritos ever.  The staff are all gently friendly and very cheerfully guide each customer though the process of building their own burrito (sort of like Subway... but good).  They're not the cheapest, but if you've wondering why you've never had a burrito that's so good it verges on being a religious experience maybe that's because you've been pre-judging restaurants on price alone?  If you don't want to spend money on food then stick to sandwiches from petrol stations and accept that you're living your culinary life in black and white.

Chilango 100% Habanero Chillis Chilli Sauce

One of my favourite things about Chilango is their own-brand hot sauces; there's a 'standard heat' chilli sauce that hits quite raw high-notes but is quite reasonable with it, but the sauce that we really adore is their 100% Habanero sauce.  Made in Mexico by demigods (we assume) this Red Habanero has the slightly thick viscosity of a Sriracha, but is much less over-powering and (dare we say it) artificial tasting.  The burn sits deliciously in the middle of your tongue and rolls along for a perfect length of time without out-staying it's welcome.

As far as I can tell this remarkable sauce can only be bought in branches of Chilango, so if you take our tip and pop in to try one of the best burritos you'll ever eat then it's worth shelling out a fiver for your own bottle.

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