Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Baktat Jalapeños

It's curious that I manage to find so much variance between different types of pickled jalapenos that I can actually write plenty of reviews about a pepper that is in the bigger scheme of things quite mundane...

These jalapenos came from our local Turkish shop, which is strangely enough is mostly stocked with goods from from Eastern Europe.  I've seen Baktat Jalapenos in quite a lot of places and I can see why; they're a very nice brand of peppers.

Unfortunately Jar is quite small, the reason this is a problem is that the chunks and slices of Jalapeno are quite generously cat. A large and crunchy pepper is just what I'm after. Lovely.

There are not as many seeds as are sometimes found in other jars of pickled jalapeno.  This is a mixed blessing; I like the heat from the seeds but they can be little acerbic to some tastes.

On the whole this is a hearty and reliable pickled jalapeno, you can't go wrong, they're still better than any other crappy efforts you'll find in major supermarkets. The many Eastern European cornershops that have opened up in recent years are an absolute goldmine for fan of hot sauce.

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