Wednesday, 26 March 2014

WANTED - Taco Bell Fire hot sauce in the UK

Taco Bell doesn't exist here in the UK, and on the whole I'm not too bother by the lack of 'TB' in the UK.  Taco Bell is a huge American franchise that is to Mexican food what Pizza Hut is to Italian food. It's a sort of a safely unchallenging approximation of the kind of grub you would see in a real Mexican restaurant, and probably bears no relation to the food you would find in Mexico. 

My god Taco Bell is cheap though; many years ago I was planning to tour the Eastern seaboard of the States with my band.  When I raised our lack of funding with the singer of the American band we were touring with he laughed and assured me that it would be possible to feed both bands for under $20 at Taco Bell. It was only a very minor exaggeration. The tour never happened, but my interest in Taco Bell had been seeded. 

A few years later I was in the States (writing a travel book) and tried Taco Bell for the first time, and while the food was perfectly tasty what really impressed me was their hot sauces. Wow. 

The hottest sauce was 'Taco Bell Fire Sauce'; it wasn't annihilatingly hot but dear lord it was tasty. If you've never visited America you might not full appreciate just ramped up some of the food flavour is. A lot of the time this hyper-flavour principle is wretched, but with Taco Bell hot sauces the theory is spot on. 

I wish I could wax lyrical and tell you exactly what Fire sauce tastes like but the tragic truth is that I've forgotten. Each time I've been to the States I've filled my pockets with Fire sauce to smuggle home, but all supplies ran out years ago. 

All good blog posts should end with a conclusion, mine is simple -I want Taco Bell fire sauce!!!

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