Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Melis pickled jalapeños peppers - reviewed.

You may wonder why in additional to rabbiting on about hot sauce I'm now talking about pickled jalapeños.  Why on earth does that puzzle you?  It's all part of the same glorious tongue-tingling world as hot sauce.

I also wanted to write a pickled pepper review because quite frankly there are some terrible pickled jalapeños on the market (I'll name names in another post), so it makes sense to give props to those companies getting it right.

I pickled up these Melis pickled jalapeños at Morrisons, but they are also available at ASDA and tons of non-megamart retailers.

The peppers have a good crunch to them and a nice fresh, clean taste.  To be honest I can't think of much more to say other than they're perfectly serviceable, not the best I've had but far nicer than the mush that some brands serve up on an indifferent public.  I actually think the jalapeños that Subway use are probably the best I've had, I wonder where they get them from?

On the downside a lot of the peppers in this jar are shredded scraps rather than nice big chunky slices.  It may just be the jar I have though; maybe it was made on a Friday afternoon just before quittin' time.

For this review I'd like to be able to say I tried the Melis pickled jalapeños peppers in a variety of dishes, but to be honest I just shoved my fingers in the top of the jar and moved them swiftly into my pie-hole.  If you're trying new pickled peppers always try them on their own first, if you add mushy horrid pickles to any dish you'll ruin it.

If you're still reading this far I might as well give you a nice little recipe hint.  I'm heading out for a picnic with my daughter today so I've made a bagel with cream-chese, ham, pickled jalapeños peppers, a few splats of chipotle sauce and a spray of liquid smoke.  Hmmmmmm.

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