Monday, 24 March 2014

Chula hot sauce

Chula may be not how you know this hot sauce brand, and that's because of course the correct spelling is in fact c h o l u l a.  As with a lot of things in my life I somehow accidentally start calling them by a slightly incorrect name, and eventually my friends and family come on-side and start to realise what I'm talking about.

Chula hot sauce - quick review.

Before I discovered Sriracha (on a trip to the States) Chula was my 'go to' sauce for any food that I considered to be needing an extra bit of flavour. Sriracha has quite a potent garlic kick, whereas Chula is a lot kinder on the palette, and gentler on ones breath.  It's a good, cheap, every easily available hot sauce that can nicely improve most tomato-based dishes without getting all gobby and over-powering about it.  Keep your eyes peeled for the ubiquitous wooden bottle lid that helps Chula hot sauce stand out on the shelf, it's a nice addition to any hot sauce collection.

Incidentally the Cholula Chipotle sauce is particularly great, although I haven't been able to find any in the shops for a long time.

P.S Unless I'm mistaken, and I often am, 'Chula' is the feminine word for 'beautiful' in Spanish.

P.P.S The real reason I've called Cholula Hot Sauce 'Chula Hot Sauce' is that statistics show that a LOT more people call this sauce by the incorrect name!

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