Monday, 17 March 2014

A Naga sauce that can rescue friendships.

At the risk of this blog looking like it's sponsored by Cottage Delight I'm going to write about yet another one of their sauces.  For a company that appears to make a bewildering array of disparate foodstuffs they get some of their hot sauces SO right.

This Naga Chilli Sauce is so deliciously light it adds a fresh almost salsa-like zing to foods.  I use this to pep up a particularly delicious Butternut Squash curry that my wife makes, but it's just as at home giving taste to a particularly desperate, potentially unsalvageable dish.

So how good is this sauce?  I'll tell you: A couple of years ago I went to a music festival called 'All Tomorrow's Parties' and I shared a chalet with three friends.  The deal was that we would each meet at the festival each bearing a home-cooked meal, to save us from the horrors of trying to sustain ones human need for sustenance while staying in a Pontins' chalet.  I arrived with a gorgeous Spaghetti Bolognese, lovingly crafted with meat from our local farm store, fresh veg from an organic box-scheme and Spanish chorizo so sweet you could eat it raw for breakfast.  In short this was a meal I was proud of.  A good meal.  Not a 'roughing it' meal.  My chalet-mates brought nothing.  The on-site Spar had run out of all but plain cheese pizzas by the first morning of the festival.  The oven in the chalet only had the ability to burn the top of these plain pizzas, while leaving the base frozen.  If it wasn't for this Cottage Delight Naga Chilli sauce and it's incredible ability to rescue almost any food that weekend would have played out quite differently.

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