Sunday, 16 February 2014

I went to the Chilli Farm and in my bag I put...

I love popping into the Chilli Farm in Mendlesham (on the A140) in Suffolk, it's the most exciting stock of Hot Sauce I've seen in one place since the 'Hot Headz' mail order catalogues I used to get circa 1994. 

There are some 'must have' sauces I always pick up from here (like the Cottage Delight Naga) but on the whole I most love popping in to find something new. This time I treated myself to some 'Dave's Insanity Sauce', which is a sauce I've been meaning to try for nearly twenty years!

There are other treats I always pick up at The Chilli Farm, some things that can be found in any Suffolk farm shop (like the chilli crackers) and some that I never see anywhere else (like the salsa-verde). 

The liquid smoke is something that I see in many American recipes but never see for sale in UK retail outlets. 

I used to really enjoy one of the Chilli farm's own sauces that was a really deeply fiery chipotle ketchup; I've not seen it for a while but am hoping the 'extra hot smokey ketchup' shares common ground. 

All in all it's a great haul, and the cherry on the cake was a free jar of salsa the gave me!

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