Sunday, 16 February 2014

Habanero and Lime - Essence

By East Coast Chilli Co.

I'm planning to focus a bit more on East Coast Chilli Co. in a future post, partly because they're located less than a mile from my house, but also because their approach to creating hot sauces intrigues me.  But for now I wanted too give thier Habanero and Lime sauce a quick mention on account of its versatility. 

This sauce is described as being 'medium heat' (or three tridents out of five according to the label) and my first impression was that this was being a little generous as to it's power.  The first hit is of lime, although that quickly subsides and is replaced by a smooth, lingering habanero burn. It's a mild heat, but these things are always subjective, and unlike a lot of hot sauce commentators I never claim that hotter is better.  I want taste.

When I bought this sauce I had cheddar on a Carrs cracker in mind, but the more I use it the more versatile it appears to be. The lime is so deliciously fresh (without being overpowering) that this sauce can give almost any food a nice lift, imparting personality without overriding the 'native' taste of the dish; last night I had it on homemade chilli, this morning I had it in a bacon and omelet toastie. Gorgeous. 

So that's why this sauce gets a special mention; it might just be something special in the hot sauce world - a hot sauce that goes with anything. 

You can buy this sauce online here - 

East Coast Chilli Co. are on Twitter with the handle @chilli_co

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