Thursday, 20 February 2014

Dissection of chilli heat anihillation

There are many videos on YouTube showing idiots eating hot sauces and chillies and suffering through the subsequent pain.  Don't watch those videos.  This hot sauce lark is serious sometimes, it can really damage you if you're not cautious.  So if have never been annihilated by a chilli watch this video by my friend George Juniper; he suffers so you don't have to.

George eats a Dorset Naga chilli then eloquently talks us through every aspect of the experience.  I wanted to show you this video because although you can see from George that despite the fact his body is clearly in distress he also talks about how good it makes him feel.  We don't eat hot sauces to be macho (both George and I are from a punk-background that has no interest in machismo), we eat these things because they're actually pleasant.  If you want to see the experience really kick in then skip to the 3 minute mark, but you'll be missing out on the interesting nerdy chilli-bit!

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