Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Chilli Farm mild salsa review

During a recent stocking up trip to the Chilli Farm in Suffolk I was handed a free jar of salsa; on further inspection I was probably given the jar for free as it's very close to the declared sell-by date.  But hey, I'm all for free stuff and like to do my bit to reduce food-waste.

I 'tested' this salsa using some of my favourite Cottage Delight dipping crackers, which have a bit of pep themselves, so I suppose this isn't a clean fight (so to speak), but hey, I offer nothing if not subjective-testing with no 'control', so here goes.

This salsa is very zesty and is cheerfully lacking that vinegar tang that some supermarket brands wreck passable salsas with.  The chilli hit is indeed mild, but is very much there with a nice smokey after-taste.  I just knocked through about half a jar and only got a very mild mid-tongue tingle, so this would be a good party salsa, or one to share with friends who aren't as enthusiastic about tooth-enamel-damaging hot sauces as you are.

In summary I'd say this is probably too flavoursome to chuck on nachos, but works just lovely as a dipping salsa.

More here - http://www.chillicompany.com/

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