Saturday, 15 February 2014

Certain death ultra hot chilli sauce

Made by Norfolk Heatwave.

I discovered this quite annihilating hot sauce a few years while visiting Holt in Norfolk. I found it on the shelves of Budgens in Holt and haven't yet found it for sale anywhere else (not even online), which is why I bought three bottles when visiting Holt yesterday. 

I've tried searching for more information about the creator (Norfolk Heatwave) but to date haven't found anything at all. 

The heat from this sauce is a really clean and fruity high, small amounts are blissful, ingesting slightly too much results in a billowing long-ringing zing that is such blissful sweet agony. 

Contains mango (sweet) and two top-of-palate style true-fire chillies - namely scotch bonnet and bhut jolokia. This sauce also contains mustard, which I'm slightly wary of as in my opinion it's sometimes used in hot sauces as a short-cut to annihilating heat, but it's quite subtle in here, as it the garlic. 

This sauce ranks as 'essential', meaning that my life would be less joyful if I didn't have at least one bottle on my shelf. 

Works a treat on fried eggs. 

Costs £4.95 a bottle, if you can find it!

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